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Logistic integration, shipment tracking easy “Where is my order?” Once the shipment leaves your premises this question is not easily answered. This is where INTEGRA e-business™ Logistic integration comes into play.

“Swing Ltd. needs to ship over 150 packages a day in peak periods. Manifesting, printing packing slips, labels, updating orders with tracking information and invoicing shipping charges are all done seamlessly with INTEGRA e-business™ logistic integration module...”

Will Haley, Sr. Manager global operations, Swing

Consolidate 5 steps into 1
Easy & Integrated

As you complete a manifest to ship an order, the information is fed back to INTEGRA e-business™ and the shipment tracking number, the weight and even what product is in which box is available at the click of the mouse. Furthermore, the tracking number can be clicked and you are taken to the carrier's web site at the shipment-tracking page so you can answer that customer’s question in seconds. Better yet, with the customer Web Service module, the customer receives an e-mail notification as the order is shipped. This e-mail contains the URL to track the package easily.

INTEGRA e-business™ Logistic Integration module can integrate to multiple carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, LTL for carriers such as Yellow and Roadway). The flexible integration of INTEGRA e-business™ can exchange data by using ODBC, ASCII and/or XML to match your company’s requirements.

If your company is using more than one carrier, the Logistic integration module ties in with Starship from V-Technologies, to provide a single interface to manifest all shipments. That interface supports the following: multiple carrier accounts, multiple freight payment methods, returns freight charges and tracking numbers to INTEGRA e-business™. In only one data entry, with no import/export, a simple confirmation of shipments within Starship will update INTEGRA e-business™ in real time.

As you can see, it is easy to answer efficiently the question “where is an order?”. With the help of the logistic integration of INTEGRA e-business™, your customers, your sales representative and the management will be able to locate any shipment quickly and easily.

All the features you need
Characteristics of Logistics

  • Connects out of the box with multiple carriers and software: Starship, UPS Worldship, UPS Connect, FedEx file based, Purolator file based, other can be added as needed
  • Supports multiple ship charge account setups (third party billing, COD, on customer account, etc.)
  • Supports item per box to ease tracking of lost packages
  • Handles invoicing of cost plus freight charges with user defined profit margin
  • Links to carrier online tracking system
  • Supports bar code entry to facilitate data entry
  • Allows definition of packaging ratio to simplify picking and box calculation (ex.: inner carton, master, palette…)
  • Supports for scales to precisely calculate shipping charges (requires Starship)
  • Fits your specific requirements with optional customization


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