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Purchase order, simple supply chain management With INTEGRA e-business™ Purchase module you can easily manage inventory replenishment with ease.

“...we like the birds eyes view of PO provided by d’INTEGRA e-business™ P.O. module”

David Daigle, COO, Patriot System inc.

Make your supplier part of your team
All documents are electronic

When combined with Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Manufacturing, the Purchase Order module provides a comprehensive and integrated purchasing system. The purchasing cycle is fully managed: allocating PO items to requisitions, sales orders or directly to stock; receiving function automatically updates inventory and sales orders of the just received items; ready-to-ship orders are generated; invoices automatically transferred to Accounts Payable. By using the advanced purchase scheduling feature you can ensure none of your critical inputs is out-of-stock. Drill down from any PO to all related documents.

INTEGRA e-business™ Purchase Order module enables you to maintain the right stock whether you keep stock or buy just in time. The automatic purchase order generation is an invaluable tool for buyers. Its multi currency support and document printing in the language of the recipient makes the Purchase module the perfect tool for international trade. With bar code integration less time is spent on data entry and more time is left for vendor relations. Easy access to the historical information of prices and suppliers gives the buyers and managers the right information at the right time.

All the features you need
Characteristics of Purchase order

  • Customizable management reports
  • No limit to the number of orders or items on an order
  • Handles open orders and releases against open PO
  • Online inventory query
  • Online query of back ordered and already delivered quantities
  • Instant update of inventory status
  • History of orders by supplier
  • Import vendor product listing
  • Tax tables by territory, province, state
  • Integrated to the Sales Price Management module
  • Management of pick up addresses
  • Generation of AP suppliers invoices
  • Report of purchasing requirements
  • Back order report and duplication validation
  • List of carriers
  • Quotes can easily be converted to orders
  • Allows the data entry of notes directly on the purchase order
  • Allows notes to be included/printed on an order and/or with the receipt
  • Delivery date per item ordered and print labels for items received
  • Print supplier documents (Orders, Receipt, RMA) as per the language of the supplier
  • Purchasing approval screen protected by user access privileges
  • Credit approval screen with interactive drill-down on the vendor account, the PO and the inventory
  • Allows data entry and the printing of the pick up slips
  • Customization of complimentary documents (waybill, pro-forma, and duty forms…)
  • Creation return merchandise authorization (RMA)
  • Complete purchasing query by vendor and/or product
  • Generation of purchase orders based upon inventory requirements
  • Multi-currency and transactions are kept in base currency
  • Purchase Order generation based on requirements and supplier sourcing
  • Price lookup by source information, last cost or historical cost
  • Receive by batch and record serial/batch numbers


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