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Time and Attendance, Your most important asset

It is 9:00AM, do you know what your employees are working on? How much time was spent on Project X and by whom? Did we forget to invoice the time John Smith spent repairing this customer widget? The answer to all these questions resides in INTEGRA e-business™ Time and Attendance module.

“…we have different employee categories, hourly lab employees, salaried engineer working on project, we do it all efficiently using the time & attendance module....”

Jeff Dufresne, Controller, Patriot System

Know where time is spent
Put first thing first

Where and how does your company spend its most valuable asset? Can you be sure that time is properly used? The time control module can help your company keep track. This module, using either a time-sheet or an electronic time clock, compiles all work done by employees to generate detailed time reports. The payroll integration module can export that information to various pay software (Kiss payroll, Saturn…) or payroll services (TD bank, ADP). The system eliminates double data entry since it brings back the outside payroll information to your General Ledger.

INTEGRA e-business™ Time Control module can be configured to your needs. From weekday worked, to work hour, planned break, operation and grace period, all these parameters are user customizable to fit your requirements. The same information is used to produce job costs, accounting of billed hours and payroll, making painful reconciliation process a thing of the past.

If your organization uses time billing, parts and labor or manufacturing job cost, this module does it all with its specialized interface. The Time-sheet along with its approval process can be used by people on salary while the electronic clock interface can by used by your hourly employees

All the features you need
Characteristics of Time & attendance

  • Saves time collecting, calculating and allocating employee hours—reducing up to 60% of your payroll preparation time
  • Applies consistently payroll policies and work rules across your organization
  • Optimizes workforce scheduling, operations and labor costs through insightful management reports
  • Allows the time calculation for real project cost
  • Allows creation of standardized or customized work periods
  • Allows creation of standardized or customized work hours with grace period and time penalty for late arrival
  • Allows creation of standardized or customized break periods
  • Allows creation of standardized or customized operations
  • Allows the validation of department and/or employee against authorized operations
  • Allows posting of real cost to job cost
  • Validates information in real time at data entry
  • Keeps track of original entry, validated entry & manual adjustment
  • Offers report writing capability with 5 selectable columns for time reporting by: Work order, employee, operation, duration, department
  • Exports to external pay system
  • Imports GL pay entry from external system
  • Enables HTML base time-sheet entry in simple or detailed mode
  • Offers online approval of time-sheet


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