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Workflow Approval, The electronic way to sign

The workflow and approval module of INTEGRA e-business™ is an infrastructure module that allows your company to reinforce its workflow by tracking action to be taken on triggers.

How to make sure it all gets done?
By automating the notification

The Restriction and approval module provides the control and application of business rules by triggers based on events and user rules and permissions. With the business rule predefined and configured, the system assumes control and initiates a message advising of the next step, i.e. “awaiting managers approval”. The system then forwards the transaction to the user, resource or equipment with the appropriate authority as established in the rule. If the transaction diverges from the rule, the transaction will await the approval or rejection from the user with the appropriate level of security and authority.

There is a wide choice of rules, approvals and restrictions that are applicable. The notification can be an e-mail, a screen alert or the automated printing of a document. The Restriction and Approval module includes four customizable rules regardless of the number of users.

Create business rules with alert messaging across all modules or create a workflow for approval/restriction to specific users or groups of users. Ensure conformance to processes by applying operational controls.

This module allows the digital approbation of documents. It is a technology that can be added as required in any INTEGRA e-business™ screen.


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