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System Manager, your control center

INTEGRA e-business™ can easily be deployed where it is needed using a simple Web browser. Consequently, security needs to be flexible yet powerful enough to keep the information secure.
The latter can be achieved by configuring data access by screen and report with the desired privileges (read-only or update). If this is not enough INTEGRA allows you to control information access down to the field level.

“...with our customers accessing the system, I trust that the security model of INTEGRA e-business™ keeps us in control of our information.”

Edwiges Demelo, CIO, Momentum Microsystems

All the features you need
Characteristics of System Manager

  • Company creation & maintenance
  • Creation of users, password access and privileges
  • Creation of program groups
  • Configuration of default values parameters
  • Configuration of date formats
  • Configuration of Business Units (profit center, cost center, division…)
  • Unlimited bank accounts definition
  • Definition of payment terms & payment discounts
  • Definition of sales taxes by territory
  • Creation of texts, notes and reminders
  • Currencies definition and conversion rates
  • Configuration of menu shortcuts
  • Configuration of posting elements by sub ledgers
  • Printer configuration
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Workflow creation for approvals/restrictions by electronic document
  • Creation of a boiler plate reference list by the system for fast entry
  • Creation of a calendar for reoccurring tasks (reports, printing etc…)
  • Search facility across the system is a breeze to use; if it's green you can find it…
  • A quick tool bar allows access to common functions in the system; calendar, search, save, delete, cut & paste etc…
  • Creates a complete audit trail of any data being modified or deleted
  • Allows the creation of User defined fields

Centralized Access, Secure & Flexible

The System Manager is the control of INTEGRA e-business™. All system-wide operations are managed within this module; it allows the parametric configuration of the system, with over 1000 parameters controlling everything from the length of your product number to invoicing control.

Within the System Manager you will modify menus for user groups, control access and security, manage taxes and multi-currency, define transport types and rates, create an organization chart, perform bank reconciliation and other system control activities. System Manager will support your efforts to match your new system to your existing workflow and business process.

This module gives you a centralized access to the common functionality of all modules of INTEGRA e-business™. By centralizing information you can reduce entry time for items like payment terms that are used by four modules (AP, AR, OE & PO).

All of the system behavior can be updated in one location while security can be configured to suit your organization requirements with INTEGRA e-business™ System Manager. The dynamic menus provide access only to the screens and reports granted to a specific user, thus reducing the burden of system administration.

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