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Manufacturing, be efficient and reduce costs Reduces delays of production by getting the right information on inventory and production tracking .Visual scheduling acts as a dashboard on your production capacity. Fed in real time with shop-floor data acquisition the Manufacturing module of INTEGRA e-business™ is an invaluable tool for the production manager.

“…being on time and controlling costs is very important in today’s global manufacturing environment. The manufacturing module provides us with the pulse of everything we do....”

Michel Hémond, President, Belfab

Manage you production from end to end, to be in control of your operations

From light assembly to complete build-to-order manufacturing, the manufacturing module can handle your organization's workload. The automatic Work Order generation from either Order entry or the central Work Order generation screen is a tool to accelerate the pace of production management.

By launching a production simulation, the MRP functions look at your inventory and determine whether you have enough raw material on hand to launch a job. By doing the material requisition on the fly, instead of batching MRP, INTEGRA e-business™ notifies purchasing in the early stages of the manufacturing cycle, of the material required.

The advanced scheduling functions of the manufacturing module allow you to look at your job/operation/work center to identify potential production bottleneck. By drilling-down, you can identify which job is using you resources and take action. That schedule, when coupled with the shop floor data acquisition of INTEGRA e-business™, is fed in real-time so you can follow up actual vs planned for any job and/or operation.

Manufacturing, your eyes and ears

The manufacturing module coupled with shop floor data acquisition acts as a living dashboard of your manufacturing operations. The color coding in your schedule allows you to quickly react to bottlenecks and enables you to deploy your resources, in order to meet production requirements.

“production is no longer an island of information. It is now part of the entire system…”

Ron Reirson, CFO, ODC

Get precise cost and up to the minute status of production

  • Uses routing with unlimited steps/operations
  • supports unlimited number of work center and work center grouping
  • Allows job cost based on standard cost and/or actual cost
  • Offers comparative analysis between estimated job cost and actual job cost
  • Calculates the job cost by activity, work order or batches
  • Allows data entry of labor and machine time
  • Allows material requisitions
  • Permits material charge for accurate actual cost calculation
  • Allows posting of work order cost
  • Presents automatic accounting of work in progress (WIP)
  • Permits project management
  • Validates stock against production run to make sure sufficient raw material are available
  • Allows the assignment and consultation of all open work orders for a specific period
  • Offers multiple routing of BOMs, including detailed manufacturing steps
  • Integrates with AutoCAD to update BOMs to track ECO - Engineering Change Order
  • Integrates with inventory control and order entry for real time follow ups
  • Offers customizable management reports
  • Integrates with Excel for added flexible reporting.

All the features you need
Characteristics of Manufacturing

  • Processes unlimited level BOM with unlimited number of parts in each BOM
  • Revises BOM and ECO notes
  • Updates BOM in batch and creates revision
  • Allows the creation of generic routing that can be used with multiple products
  • Prints a customizable traveler with all the relevant information (BOM, routing, customer information, sales order related information…)
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