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Quotes and Estimates, Easily evaluate your cost in order to quote

When your company needs to evaluate all operations/routing and materials required for a job in order to properly quote a customer, INTEGRA e-business™ quoting module comes to the rescue. Using it you can automate the process of gathering the information required to produce a perfect estimate. It is the perfect tool for manufacturer to properly estimate costs for a quote.

All the information required to do a quote

The Quotation Module allows you to estimate time and material requirements for a quote. By using the historical information you can create a baseline. The reports created by this module are the basis of simple or complex customer quotations.

You can query the work in process cost report and actual vs quoted to track the progress of your projects and its impact on costs. The module allows you to:

  • Record customer information
  • Select material from product list or free form text input
  • Create a detailed routing of the process and time required to calculate costs
  • Print a report of cost category estimates
  • Print a work in process cost report and cost to complete
  • Create templates for re-use
  • Generate an order from the information you entered
  • Easily copy and create revision of an original estimate
  • Integrates with Inventory and manufacturing modules
  • Print comparative costing report actual vs estimated.


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