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INTEGRA e-business™ is your web centric
ERP Suite

INTEGRA e-business™ is a Web centric mid-market ERP, CRM and e-catalogue solution using leading edge technology, allowing your company to respond to market faster by tying its system to its business partners. JBM Logic Inc, who develops INTEGRA e-business™, is committed to excellence and is customer focused. This multi language software was developed using the most recent programming tools that run on Oracle relational database.

Leverage the Internet to grow your business faster

All you need is a Web browser to run the entire application.

INTEGRA e-business™ can be installed on site or as a hosted subscription based solution. Within a familiar interface, your Internet browser, INTEGRA e-business™ is securely accessible in real time from any location, using high-level encryption and authentication. It allows easy deployment to all your users local or remote, without requiring expensive third party technologies (Citrix, WTS). Internet functionality makes this product unique.

All information in real time on your Web site without import/export

INTEGRA e-business™ e-commerce module makes it easy to have your business on the Web, this module is integrated to the ERP system and information is available simultaneously in both systems without requiring complex import/export mechanism.

Integra is customizable to your requirements

No two companies are alike and whether you need specific changes and/or additional fields, JBM has the team to orchestrate changes so you don't have to worry about future compatibility since all changes are made at the core of the system. Be assured that the updated version will include all changes that were made for your organization.

Multi sites just like being there

Your company has a site in another State/Province or Country, no problem, just turn your browser to integra.yourcompany.com enter your user name and password and you will have access to your office without the headaches and added costs of Citrix or Windows Terminal Server.


Visit our blog

You will find valuable information on the manufacturing cost and the major challenges threatening manufacturing companies’ survival. You can also leave us your comments.

Integra e-business™ supports Oracle Database 11g R2

INTEGRA e-business™ latest version 5.60.10 supports Oracle Database 11g R2.

INTEGRA e-business™ is now available on Facebook and Twitter

You can now follow INTEGRA e-business™ on Facebook and Twitter. You will receive the most recent information on INTEGRA's updates, e-commerce and the latest trend on company management.

INTEGRA e-business™ June 2010

Go Live for Sutter Instrument. Sutter is a manufacturer of innovative laboratory instrumentation and an undisputed world leader in both instrumentation and technical knowledge. This has positioned Sutter at the forefront of emerging technologies that utilize micron and submicron pipettes and taper fiber optic probes.

The e-catalogue options configurator

The options configurator offers a very convenient way to simplify complex products presentation for customer.

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Reminder Notes

The release 5.60.08 includes a feature to let you create reminder notes; this tool is similar to Microsoft Outlook reminders.

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INTEGRA e-business™ November 2009

Do you need to inspect your material on arrival? Quarantine Warehouse Management will help

During your normal inventory management process, you could need to inspect arrival of your newly received stocks and make it go through a quarantine area where a quality control process will take place and a release or a reject that stock.

E-mail Campaign launching improvements - CRM

E-mail campaign is now simpler with the following improvements: - Add parentheses to improve contact condition filters (AND / OR) - Load contact criteria from an existing campaign. - Modify contact criteria using “SQL” to add complex selections.

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INTEGRA e-business™ April 2009

Announcement: One New Customer Join the Community INTEGRA e-business™!

JBM Logic Inc. welcomes a new partner, LES CÂBLES ST-LAURENT Inc.. Located in Quebec city, Les Câbles St-Laurent Inc. is a company that offers a wide variety of electric space heaters such as the 240 volts Calora convectors, the 1500 watts Expresso wall heater, the newly released Morelli convection and forced-air wall heater and the Viento wall heater.

INTEGRA e-business™ July-August 2008
newsletter 7

The Service Management Module:
An Essential Tool for Service Quality!

The Service Management Module is targeted to your clients whom will benefit from having twenty four hour accessibility, seven days a week, in order to manage service requests thanks to our self-service site on the Web. This module enables a client to load a service request, retrieve client inquiries or any other type of request, and perform a complete follow-up. As such, it is a tool that builds customer loyalty by improving your service partners' ease of managing daily commercial operations, which will energize their exchanges...

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Current Events of JBM LOGIC April 2008
newsletter 6

How to choose a partner
for your ERP system?

During the implementation of an ERP system, noticeable transformations occur at the organizational level of the company. With regard to the process of choosing an ERP system, three critical criteria are to be considered...

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