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Inventory Control, the right product, in time Your customers want your company to have in stock the product they want NOW. You want to lower your holding cost and be able to manage your inventory in real time; the Inventory Control module enables you to do this.

“…INTEGRA e-business™ Inventory Control module allowed Pyradia to have less than 2% of unexplained variation on inventory of 2M$ which is half of Industry standard for us....”

Albert Beyrouti, CFO Pyradia

Complete warehouse management
Simplify operation

The Inventory Control module offers integrated multi-warehouse, multi-bin and location specific Min/Max inventory management. It also manages stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments.

This module provides extensive screen query and reporting functions to give detailed current information on quantities, prices, item movements and sales history. All of this information is crucial for effective inventory management, regardless of business size. You can create your own inventory types such as: kits, assemblies, services and components. User definable fields provide flexibility to better describe your products. Furthermore, product options are a pro-active sales support tool. Units of measure conversion offer the possibility to buy in one unit of measure, stock in another and sell using a third one if needed.

The Inventory Control Module answers the most often asked questions in your company, is it THERE? If not, when? Who require the product and do we have what it takes produce? An easy to consult inventory query screen offers all this information. With bar coding inventory tracking can be quick and precise. The multiple inventory location support allows you to centralize all information about your various stock locations in one screen. The flexible accounting cost model allows you to choose, based on your company policy, average, specific, FIFO, LIFO, etc..

All the features you need
Characteristics of Inventory Control

  • Customizable management reports
  • No limit at on the number of inventory items or transactions
  • Price report by item
  • Supports multiple inventory item locations and supports multiple BINS per item and quantity per bin location
  • Accounts grouping by category/product
  • Transactions supported: receipt, delivery, transfer and adjustment
  • Audit trail all the way to the originating transaction
  • Supports an unlimited number of components and/or BOM by items
  • Easy file attachment to show: brochure, specs, video of the product or BOM
  • Dynamic units of measure with ratios, allow to stock by kilo and sell in pounds, with a price per feet
  • Inventory costing method supported: LIFO, FIFO, average cost, specific and standard
  • Allow assembly by standard cost
  • Allocate a product to different suppliers and keep the supplier’s cross reference and pricing
  • Lookup by supplier part numbers
  • Supports non-stock items and non-inventory items (freight, fees...)
  • Real-time inventory query with interactive drill down on: Sales Orders, Requisitions, P.O., on Hand, In Work in process
  • Quantities by warehouse and bin
  • Supports multiple BOM and sub-assembly routing by product
  • Simulation of production for cost and stock validation
  • All inventory movement are executed in real time
  • Print the list and count sheet for inventory physical count
  • Generate inventory adjustments at data entry or by physical count
  • Excellent landed cost calculation including multi-currency and multiple consolidated costs (sea transportation, brokerage fee, duty)
  • Can be interfaced with bar codes to simplify data entry & inventory physical count
  • Multiple BOM with version tracking and Engineering Change Order
  • Multiple description options and User Definable Fields
  • ABC classification
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